Monday, October 26, 2015

Mississippi PLT honored

Mississippi PLT was honored at the 2015 Miss forestry Association's annual meeting when I received the President's Citation Award from MFA President Dana Little.  This is an annual award presented by the president to the person whom he identifies as having done valuable work toward helping him meet his annual goals, and therefore the goals of the organization.  Education, especially teacher education, is a prime goal of MFA, as evidenced by their support of PLT and their sponsorship of the ground-breaking Teachers Conservation Workshops for more than 50 years. PLT has been an important part of these workshops since the late '80's.

My name is on the award because I am the visible face of MS PLT, but all of you who have long supported the program and helped facilitate workshops are the true heroes, I am just the guy who keeps the records and packs workshop supplies.

Congratulations to all of you. WELL DONE.