Thursday, January 09, 2014

Mississippi Get its First GreenSchool Grant and professor at DSU gets GreenWorks Grant.
Leslie Hood, a teacher at Bookhaven Academy, received a PLT GreenSchool grant in the amount of $3,000.  They will match this with $4,000 of locally raised money to build outdoor classrooms and a school garden.  They plan to keep the program going beyond the life of this grant by selling fresh produce to parents waiting in the pick-up line -- a healthy alternative to candy!  This is Mississippi's very first GreenSchool! Grant.
GreenSchool! grants are to available to registered GreenSchools, a PLT program that requires a team of teacher-lead students to do a survey of their school to determine ways to save energy or better utilize natural resources.
Lacey Fitts, a professor at Delta State University has filed a successful PLT GreenWorks! grant in the amount of $1,000.  She is working with the science club of a local high school on a project to measure the  rate of evaporation of urea from fertilizer in local farm fields and to determine ways of slowing it down to same farmers money and to reduce air pollution.  She is using the grant money to pay for test equipment, among other things.  Quite an ambitious project!
Educators who have completed a PLT Educator Workshop are eligible to apply for a GreenWorks! grant.  This grant does not, specifically, have to be connected to a PLT GreenSchool.
Both grants are intended to fund student service-learning projects.
Congratulations to both of these teachers.