Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Hike Through the Guide" Q's and A's

1. Q. Who holds the copyright for this book?
A. American Forest Foundation

2. Q. Where would you find the essay "Teaching Controversial Issues?"
A. Appendix 3, page 378

3. Q. What is the first "Energy" activity listed in the book?
A. "Renewable or Not?"

4. Q. Define "samara."
A. Page 374

5. Q. What is the e-mail address for PLT

6. Q. Where will you find a discussion of the mission of PLT
A. Page iv

7. Q. Where will you find a discussion of the teaching strategies used in the PLT Activity
A. Page 377

8. Q. What skills do the activity "Loving it too Much" teach?
A. Comprehending, analyzing, representing, interlpreting, predicting (page 108)

9. Q. List the themes covered in the PLT Activity Guide.
A. Diversity, Interrelationships, Structure and Scale, Patterns of Change (page iii)

10. Q. What subjects does the activity "Every Tree for Itself" cover?
A. Science and math (page 83)

11. Q. What is the significance of an activity title being printed on orange background?
A. It is in the "Interrlationships" theme section (Page 63).

12. Q. Name one of the national ASSOCIATE sponsors of PLT
A. Page iii

13. Q. Where will you find information on building a weather station?
A. Appendix 7, page 380

14. Q. Name the first listed activity that teaches the topic "Careers."
A. 400-Acre Wood (page 388)

15. Q. The activity "Tree Cookies" is part of which theme?
A. Patterns of Change (page 394)

16. Q. Does the activity "Water Wondors" teach the skill of principle forming?

17. Q. What is the activity and page number of "Poet Tree"
A. Activity number 5, page 13 (page 402)

18. Q. What information is given in the "End Notes" of each activity?
A. Assessment Opportunity, Related Activities and References